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With over 11 branches throughout the nation Gold Medal is a leader in concessions and food specialty machines and supplies. Initially separating from an ink manufacturer, Gold Medal began developing cake flavors, food coloring, drink concentrates and syrups in 1993. With WWII the company continued to flourish and became major producers of ice shaver machines and popcorn poppers. Today Gold Medal is one of the largest concessions equipment companies, offering cotton candy machines, popcorn poppers, sno-kone shavers, funnel cake fryers, pretzel displays, hot dog rollers and an array of food and drink flavorings.

Popcorn Equipment

countertop popcorn maker

Popcorn poppers, machine accessories, and supplies - everything you need to pop the perfect popcorn in concession and snack venues.

Gourmet Popcorn Equipment

gourmet popcorn maker

Gourmet popcorn is perfect for fundraising, is a memorable menu add-on, and stops people in their tracks at fairs, festivals, and carnivals.

Cotton Candy Machines

cotton candy floss machine cart

Whether you’re an expert or a beginner, we’ve got everything you need to spin up the fun and the profits with these cotton candy floss machines.

Sno-Kones and
Ice Shavers

snow cone ice machines

Cool treats mean sizzling sales. Heat up your concession business’s profits with a durable Sno-Kone or shaved ice machine from Gold Medal.

Nacho Makers

nacho cheese countertop warmer

Nachos are a favorite snack food and a strong profit generator. Spice up your menu with easy-to-use nacho warmers and nacho cheese dispensers.

Hot Dog Machines

hot dog warmers

Gold Medal’s hot dog grills, steamers, and bun warmers heat up quickly and are easy to clean. Choose from a variety of sizes and styles.

Candy & Caramel
Apple Equipment

candy apples

Provide an irresistible treat for your customers with any of our candy machine options such as candy apple kettles or caramel warmers.

Donut Fryers

donut fryer

Everything tastes better fried! Deep-fried foods like donuts are the ultimate midway classics. Produce fried favorites with Gold Medal's electric fryers.

Drink & Beverage Supplies

drink supplies

What goes better with a salty snack from your concession stand than a refreshing drink? You can offer your customers a variety of drinks.

Food Warming & Merchandising

food warming equipment

Pizza, pretzels, and churros are concession food staples. Keep them warm and fresh with humidified cabinets and display case merchandisers.

Frosted and Candy Nuts

candy nuts equipment

The only indoor roaster of its kind, the Electric Peanut Roaster is a stainless steel roaster and true peanut powerhouse. Candy nut makers are available as well.

Funnel Cake Fryers

funnel cake fryers

Deep-fried foods like funnel cakes are the ultimate carnival classic. Fryers have a quick recovery time, so you can sell more, in a shorter amount of time.

Ice Cream and Frozen Treats

frusheez tote

Cool treats mean sizzling sales. Heat up your concession business’s profits with durable Frusheez or smoothie equipment.

Pizza Merchandisers

pizza sign

Keep your pizza inside these eye-catching humidified warming cabinets. Try this warming cabinet at amusement parks and fairs.

Pretzel Display Cases

pretzel display cases

Keep your pretzels ready to sell in this display case! Try this pretzel display case at your concession, school or arena!

Waffle Cones and Waffle Makers

waffle maker

Waffles are easy to add to your concession menu. Serve waffles with toppings or make your own waffle cones for ice cream.

Concession Cleaning Supplies

watchdog glass cleaner

Trust us to help care for your concession equipment. Products for cleaning popcorn machines, as well as glass, grease cutters, and more.

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Gold Medal 2262 - Bag-In-a-Box Warmer Pre-Heater

Gold Medal 2262 - Bag-In-a-Box Warmer Pre-Heater