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With over six decades of industry experience, Nor-Lake is a recognized leader in the refrigeration game. This company has always focused heavily on innovation and over the years they have introduced improvement after improvement to their production, their product efficiency, and their impact on the environment. In fact, in the late eighties, Nor-Lake helped carry the banner to eliminate CFC toxins from commercial refrigerants. Dedicated to excellence in quality, Nor-Lake produces some of the best refrigerators on the market today. JES Restaurant Equipments selection of Nor-Lake equipment includes indoor and outdoor walk-in units, reach-in refrigerators and freezers, bar cabinets, and chef drawers. If your business is in the market for any of these products, you wouldn't be remiss in selecting a Nor-Lake.

Bar Refrigeration

back bar refrigeration

Beer coolers that provide consistent cooling from keg to glass. Back bar refrigeration with highly illuminated interiors to showcase your products.

Food Warming Equipment

food warming equipment

Add more storage space while providing exact temperature maintenance to extend the life of your products. Keep food warm until it needs to be served.

Commercial Refrigeration

commercial fridges

Proven reliability and value with many features only found in higher-end models. These features enhance the look, operation, and energy efficiency.



Find the right Combination Walk-In or Freezer Refrigeration for your restaurant or foodservice business. Great for bars and restaurants.