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An essential tool for any bakery or commercial kitchen that deals with dough, a spatulas and plate scrapers can scoop up all the excess batter stuck to the sides of a bowl, saving your business on ingredients and precious time. JES Restaurant Equipment has a catalog full of spatulas, scrapers, turners and more! From leading manufacturers like Admiral Craft, G.E.T. Enterprises, Rubbermaid, and Update International, our selection is varied and comprehensive. Whether you need a heat-resistant utensil, a slotted or perforated unit, a more economic option, or any sort of handle configuration, chances are we carry it.

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Browne FS-8446 - Bowl Scraper, 5-1/2

Browne FS-8446 - Bowl Scraper, 5-1/2" x 3-1/2", flexible, flat edge