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Proper cooking, storing, holding, and monitoring of times and temperature are vital in preventing food-borne illnesses. Cooper-Atkins Corporation thrives on manufacturing superior temperature and time food safety systems for the foodservice industry. This full line of top quality professional temperature products will assist in storing, preparing, cooking, serving, holding, and cooling foods safely. Since 1885, Cooper-Atkins has been the trusted source and leading manufacturer of high-quality thermometers, timers, hand-held temperature and humidity instruments and other innovative measuring systems.

Kitchen Timers

multi station kitchen timer

Kitchen timers that are available with controls that are digital or manual based. Choose from single or multi-station timers.

Pocket Thermometers

pocket thermometers

Pocket thermometers that are anywhere from 2 to 9 inches in length. Read temperatures from a dial or digital face.

Probe Thermometers

meat packing probe thermometers

Probe Thermometers that come in a variety of probing styles including surface, deep fry, angled surface, and puncture.

Standard Thermometers

Standard thermometers

Choose a standard thermometer with or without a probe. Available in a number of different types including dial, digital, or tube.

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