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Serving customers in the fast food, casual and fine dining, convenience store, supermarket, hospitality, and institutional markets around the world - APW Wyott can be found just about anywhere food is being served. With their wide selection of equipment for cooking, toasting, heating, warming, and merchandising food items it is no wonder that APW is the leading source of quality equipment solution to the food serice and retail industries worldwide. With a customer focused organization APW strives for business and individual performance excellence.


Charbroilers that are equipped with a system of burners that can reach temperatures up to 825 degrees. Sear a steak or cook a hamburger in 20% less time than competitive grills.


APW HTG-2472I - Countertop Griddle, gas

Fast start-ups and recoveries give you maximum power to handle surges in orders. Available in gas or electric models. Constructed of heavy-duty stainless steel that provide an even cooking surface.

Hot Plates

APW GHP-6I-CE - Hotplate, gas, 6 burners

These hotplates have outstanding durability! Turned to maximum power, these hotplates can bring a large pot of water to boil in 50% less time than the competition. Available in gas or electric.


APW CMW-48 - Cheesemelter, electric

Cheese Melters provide the ultimate finishing capabilities. These countertop models include fan-cooled control compartments and quartz heating elements that shorten cooking times.


APW EF-30INT - Countertop Fryer, electric, dual pot

Countertop gas and electric fryers are available in 15 and 25-pound capacities. These quality made fryers offer quick recovery to keep up with customer demand. Fryer baskets are available too.


APW M-95-3FC-CE-Bun Grill Conveyor Toaster, electric

Designed for easy operation and minimum counter space usage, these stainless steel toasters offer a patented fast toasting system that can reduce power consumption from 36% to 75%.


APW CW-3A-Food Pan Warmer

Warming Solutions, which include pans, kettles, shelves, and drawers, are perfect for the front-end and back-of-the-house, keeping your menu items warm and ready to serve.

Roller Grills

APW HRS-50SBW - Hot Dog Grill with Bun Warmer

Hotdog rollers that are perfect for convenience stores and concession stands. Available in a variety of configuration sizes: (10, 16, and 18), flat or slanted, and chrome or non-stick rollers.

Concession Equipment
& Merchandisers

Easy-to-clean stainless steel surfaces, simple, intuitive controls, and attention-grabbing merchandising graphics make these products ideal for any retail operation.

Food Wells

APW HFW-6D - Drop-In Hot Food Well

Versatile configurations for every application. Available in 1-, 2-, or 4-well configurations. Perfect for buffets and restaurants, keeping your menu items warm and ready to eat.

Overhead Heat Strips

APW FDDLC-24H - C Radiant Heat Lamp

Heat lamps that provide just the right heat to keep food warm and fresh. They provide smooth, even heat over pass-throughs and food holding areas. Prolonging the freshness of food.

Plate & Cup Dispensers

APW HL-5 - Heated Dish Dispenser, tubular drop-in

APW Wyott Dispensers provide sanitary, secure and concealed storage for plates, bowls, and trays of all sizes. Made with easy to clean stainless surfaces and rugged, durable construction.

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