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Bar Maid

Founded over 50 years ago, Bar Maid has established itself as the leading manufacturer of bar accessories, from their world-renowned 5-Brush Portable Electric Bar Glass Washers to Beer Keg moving carts. Bar Maid's primary line of washers is easily installable in virtually any sink, requiring no special plumbing or hook-ups.

Glass Washers

BarMaid Glasswashers

The world’s leading manufacturer of manual and electric glass washers to maximize efficiency in your bar.

Bar Equipment

Bar Equipmment

From blenders to juicers and such, Bar Maid is the source for all of your bartending needs as well as all back bar machines.

Bar Tabletops

Bar Tabletop products

Products designed to maximize efficiency and profit for your food and beverage services. Easy to clean and maintain.

Bartending Supplies


Your source for high quality, innovative products for bars, restaurants, hotels, and various food services.

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Bar Maid CR-100P - Glass Rimmer, 3 tray, black

Bar Maid CR-100P - Glass Rimmer, 3 tray, black