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BK Resources

BK Resources Restaurant Equipment For Sale
BK Resources is the trusted name in the foodservice community when it comes to stainless steel sinks, plumbing, and drainage equipment. From National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) approved hand sinks to compartment sinks and faucets to spray heads, BK Resources has a full catalog of options for restaurants and commercial kitchens!

Compartment Sinks

BK Resources Compartment Sinks For Sale

Choose from 1, 2, 3 or 4 compartment sinks that come in galvanized and stainless steel. These compartment sinks can be used under restaurant bars, in kitchen restaurants and cafeterias.

Drop-In Sinks

BK Resources Drop-In Sinks For Sale

Drop-In Sinks that have a deep drawn construction for a seamless and more appealing design. Weld-In sinks that have more than one compartment with different faucet and drain selections.

Stainless Steel Tables

BK Resources Stainless Steel Tables For Sale

With a huge number of different tabletop sizes, several shelves, and heights, you can put a stainless steel table in every corner and space in your kitchen, so your chef will never run out of work-space.

Hand Sinks

BK Resources Hand Sinks For Sale

Create a Handwashing Only Zone with BK Resources' new antimicrobial blue hand sink. You can also find faucets and several stations available for any hand washing sink.


BK Resources Faucets For Sale

Pre-rinse assemblies, motion sensor, metering, and stainless steel faucets. Made in different styles from 4 inches to 8-inch centers, body only, gooseneck, swing, and swing hole center.

Underbar Equipment

BK Resources Underbar Equipment For Sale

Ice bins, liquor displays, speed rails, drainboards, and dump sinks in a variety of depths as well as sizes to accommodate all your underbar needs.

Dish Tables

BK Resources Dish Tables For Sale

Dish tables in several designs and compartments so that they can fit in any kitchen. Choose a Dish Table Kit that includes a clean and soiled dish table, pre-rinse basket, slant rack, and pre-rinse assemblies.

Shelving and Storage

BK Resources Shelving and Storage For Sale

If you need more space, the only place to go is up and BK Resources has every type and style of shelf for your kitchen to accomplish just that. Need another way to create more space, BK Resources has wall mount cabinets as well.

Food Tables & Serving Counters

BK Resources Food Tables and Serving Counters For Sale

Preparing and serving food is made easier by having high-quality food serving equipment such as portable bars, steam tables, serving counters, glass frosters, cutting boards and more.

Grease Traps

BK Resources Grease Traps For Sale

BK Resources Grease Traps with easy to remove baffle filters that make for fast maintenance and have a corrosion-resistant coating that lets these grease traps last even longer. They are easy to clean and will allow you to have better-tasting food.

Mop Sinks

BK Resources Mop Sinks For Sale

Stainless Steel Mop sinks that reduce time spent on floor cleaning. These sinks are also skirted on three sides, with a depth of 6 or 12 inches and floor mounted. Mop sink kits that include a stainless steel sink, tool holder, service hose and faucet.


BK Resources Casters For Sale

Casters and caster kits to fit most commercial equipment brands. Universal plates make it easy to add casters to your equipment. Customize your casters to match what you need. Heavy-duty casters make the movement around the kitchen easy and effortless.


BK Resources Drains For Sale

Removable urn troughs with drip plates for bars that need a quick way to get rid of drinks. Detachable and corner drainboards made to fit in small spaces. Twist and straight lever drains make unclogging a drain much easier.

Gas Hoses

BK Resources Gas Hoses For Sale

Have steady gas flow and be extra safe with these gas connection kits. These kits include female elbows, threaded nipples, restraining cable, shut-off valve, quick disconnect, and street elbows.

Plumbing Parts

BK Resources Plumbing Parts For Sale

High-quality replacement parts and upgrade kits for all your plumbing fixture needs. Including hot/cold valve kits, water line connectors, and knee/foot valve kits that would go great with any sink.

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