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One of the fastest growing foodservice suppliers in the field of timers and thermometers, CDN Time and Temperature is the only company focused solely on time and temperature. This comitment to their product line allows them to offer the broadest assortment of thermometers and timers for foodservice professionals. The company offers a vast selection of cooking thermometers including bimetal, class column, digital-thermistor, digital-thermocouple and infrared models along with a comprehensive collection of digital and mechanical timers. CDN products are used all over the world in some of the largest restaurant chains for their quality, precision and ease of use.



Thermometers in a number of different styles that include BBQ Fork, Oven, digital, dual-sensing, and thin tip. You can also find thermometers that have a built-in timer as well.



Single function timers and multi-function timers that also functions as a thermometer are available. Great for commercial kitchens and professional chefs that need the correct temperature every time.

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