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All that time your chefs have spent inside burning kitchens might have calloused their hands but it sure hasn't calloused their senses of style. They want uniforms that are comfortable, flattering, and that don't clash with their self-respect. They want uniforms from Chef Revival. Now an industry-leading designer of fine clothing for restaurant workers, Chef Revival was founded back in the dog days of 1989 by an Australian cook named Tim Grubi. Every day that summer, heat from a half-dozen brick ovens scorched through Tim's kitchen, combined with the already sweltering Australian air, and became too much for poor Tim to handle—his uniform simply wouldn't breathe and every workday he was roasted alive. So Tim did something about it. He bought a sewing machine and, in the mornings before work, he designed and stitched together his own chef's jacket made from high-quality fabrics. He felt good. He looked good.

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