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From among our supply of commercial faucets comes the deck faucet. These faucets, which attach to the holes in your commercial sink, are the perfect utility faucet to use inside any commercial kitchen. You can rinse dishes, clean your hands, or turn on a steady tap. Our selection of deck mount faucets includes a variety of options such as width, variable joints, neck-type, nozzle length, and handle position. Manufactured by BK Resources, Advance Tabco, and T & S Brass, these products share an excellence in design. Faucets constructed from high-grade stainless steel drip less, avoid clogging, and last longer. These faucets are all made from the highest quality stainless steel. JES Restaurant Equipment is a leader in commercial faucet sales; if you have any questions about our catalog or need help selecting a model that is best suited for your business, give us a call at (866) 200-6056 and one of our friendly, expert advisers will assist you.
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Serv-Ware AF-18DJ-CWP - Double-Jointed Faucet, 10

Serv-Ware AF-18DJ-CWP - Double-Jointed Faucet, 10"