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Dito Sama Restaurant Equipment For Sale
Whether you need peel, cut, slice, mince, mix, blend, or whipping food preparation, Dito Sama provides the widest range in dynamic food preparation! With 50 years of experience in the innovation and design of planetary mixers, Dito Sama manufactures sturdy and reliable planetary mixers. For intensive and professional kneading, blending, and whipping, Dito Sama mixers have an extensive range of capacities from 5 to 80 liters!

Light and easy to use immersion blenders - user-friendly with auto regulation to ensure a longer life and reduced vibrations so you can better control the blender.

Perfect for chopping herbs and condiments, blending sauces, mincing meat and fish. These high-powered, vegetable cutters are heavy duty, built to last, and easy to use

Increased productivity, outstanding performance, superior quality and a sturdy design. Features include auto restart, single speed and a stainless steel base.