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Duke Manufacturing

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Founded in 1925, Duke Manufacturing is the prime example of how a company continuously excels in its field. For the past 90 years, Duke has maintained a policy of anticipating , rather than reacting; this means that they have constantly been updating and improving their products to exceed the expectations of their customers. If you are in need of a steam table, oven, or other food presentation item, look no further than Duke Manufacturing.

Food Wells

Duke Food Wells

Duke Food Wells are all designed for quality, value, and versality, and constructed out of high-quality stainless steel, making a Duke Food Well an excellent purchase for any operation looking for a convenient way to store food.

Convection Ovens

Duke Ovens

Duke Manufacturing knows that the heart of a food service operation is the cooking equipment, which is why they have crafted and perfected convection ovens that can cook with ease and efficiency. Choose from gas or electric.


Duke Steamtable

Duke Manufacturing's spectacular products not only include ovens and food wells, but also the extremely efficient and highly economical stainless steel steamtables. Offered in both electric and gas models. Choose from 2, 3, 4 or 5 sections.


Duke Overshelf

Constructed of heavy gauge stainless steel, and is the perfect addition to any kitchen or restaurant. Great for protecting food and adding more storage space. The overshelves extend above the counter top and include glass protector panels.

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