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With over 87 years of experience in high-quality manufacturing, Edlund is the foodservice industry's trusted source in commercial-duty can opening solutions. Edlund's wide variety of can openers, can crushers, kitchen scales, slicers, and other equipment is sure to add utility to any kitchen. Shop our selection of affordable commercial can opening equipment and outfit your kitchen today with a suite of useful and reliable tools from Edlund.

Can Openers

Edlund Can Openers

Edlund electric can openers for restaurants come in various sizes. These are the best can openers for businesses.

Kitchen Scales

Edlund Kitchen Scales

Measure commercial kitchen ingredients precisely, with an edlund digital kitchen scale for sale here.

Food Slicers

Edlund Food Slicer

These specialized Edlund slicers include everything from manual tomato slicers to electric potato peelers.

Can Crushers

can crushers

Can crushers that can easily crush a large number of cans. Wall-mounted and table-mounted units are available.

Knife Racks

knife racks

Choose a knife rack with a built-in sanitizing system that cleans your knives when they are inserted in the rack.

Cold Pan Boxes

whipped cream in a cold pan box

Great for keeping ice cream toppings and whipped cream cold. Cold pan boxes that have a hinged lid and are great for small fruits.

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