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Eurodib is unique among the companies we represent in that they are an importer rather than a manufacturer. Under the umbrella of partnership with them, we can provide our customers with products from more than a dozen manufacturers all over Europe. Everything you need for your commercial kitchen, from Brema Ice Machines to Olympo Cheese Graters to Tellier Asparagus Peelers can be provided by Eurodib, which makes this an excellent page to browse if you’re looking for diverse products and open to ideas you might not have previously considered. Eurodib is cautious as to whose merchandise they export, and that protects their reputation and your investment.



Eurodib Dishwashers are dependable, cost-efficient and are a high-quality line of commercial dishwashing equipment.

Ice Machines


A full line of Commercial Ice Machines, and find the right Ice Machine for your restaurant or foodservice business.

Blast Freezers


Blast chiller/shock freezers save food products from spoiling to help reduce food waste by rapidly chilling or freezing it.

Wine Cooler Cabinets


Wine cooler cabinets are the perfect solution for wine storage and make them an ideal choice for any home, restaurant, or bar.

Cooking Equipment


Shop JES for a full line of Eurodib Cooking Equipment, and find the right products to help you cook more efficiently in your restaurant or foodservice business.

Food Warming Equipment


A wide selection of food warming equipment, so no matter how large or small your operation, you will find a way to keep your food warm that is right for you.

Mixing Equipment


Eurodib carries professional-grade quality mixers. Able to mix large quantities of ingredients and you’ll never worry about over-mixing again.

Beverage Dispensers


A wide selection of beverage and slush machine dispensers. Regardless of the beverage dispensing needs, find a beverage dispenser that is perfect for you.



Accessories for your kitchen, that include vacuum packaging machines, sausage stuffers, sneeze guards and more.

Slicers, Grinders, and Graters


Slicers, grinders, and graters that will save you prep time and provide a consistent product. Made with durable frames that are easy to clean.

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Eurodib CAR01 - Knife, 4-3/4

Eurodib CAR01 - Knife, 4-3/4", for raclette