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Since 1948, Follett has been designing and manufacturing high quality, innovative ice storage bins, ice storage, and transport systems, ice machines, and ice, water, and beverage dispensers. Striving to reach 100% customer satisfaction, has resulted in outstanding, durable equipment with innovative and excellent designs. From compact, reliable chewblet ice machines to a variety of flake models. Choose from several sizes and models including the Horizon Series and Maestro Series.

Ice Machines With Bins

Follett UFD425A80 - Flake 425 lb. Ice Machine

Follett ice machines produce customer-preferred chewblet ice. Icemakers with an integrated bin that hold up to 75 pounds of ice.

Ice Dispensers

Follett 110CT425A-L - Countertop Ice Machine

Ice, Water, and Ice & Water combination dispensers provide constant refreshing ice and water.

Ice Machine Heads

Follett HCC1410WHM - Chewblet Ice Machine

These heads produce Chewblet, Micro Chewblet, or Flake style ice, and come in air-cooled or water-cooled models.

Ice Bins

Follett 1025-52 - Ice Bin 1030 lb. Storage Capacity

These ice bins can hold large amounts of ice and come in a variety of sizes. Choose from several configurations that will able to keep your ice-cold for a long time.

Beverage Dispensers

Follett VU300M20DP - Ice and Beverage Dispenser

Ice Machines with RIDE (Remote Ice Delivery Equipment) push Chewblet ice through a tube to automatically fill a drink station, storage bin, or jockey box!


Follett 116434 - Ice Bags, 8 Lb. (1000 pack)

A wide variety of ice and beverage storage and dispensing accessories and supplies, including; ice bags, water filters, ice machine stands, brackets and more.

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