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Garland - US Range


One of the oldest brands in the commercial foodservice industry, Garland - US Range continues to bring quality commercial stoves and ranges to consumers.

Commercial Ranges

Garland Ranges

Power, precision and efficiency so get exactly what you need from Garland's complete line of light, medium and heavy-duty ranges. Dozens of range top and bottom configurations available.

Commercial Ovens

Garland Ovens

Garland offers a variety of deck ovens as well as convection ovens to fit virtually every application: baking, roasting, pizza and convection.


Garland Charoilers

Designed to stand alone or configured in a power packed line-up. Easy to install, clean and maintain. Space saving solution to maximize square footage.

Salamander & Cheesemelters

Garland Cheesemelter and Salamanders

Depending on your need and the amount of heat needed to finish dishes a Salamander Broilers or Cheesemelters will need to be used. Garland offer both of these units.

Commercial Fryers

Garland Commercial Fryers

Garland produces high quality craftsmanship coupled with leading-edge innovation, gas and electric, floor and countertop, they have fryers for every application.

Commercial Griddles

Garland Griddles

Garland makes a complete line of high-quality griddles - from countertop to full size and gas or electric models for light, medium or heavy duty operations.

Countertop Hotplates

Garland Hotplates

Garland makes a complete line of heavy duty countertop hotplates with full function in order to save space for kitchens with limited space or those that need backup cooktops.

Refrigerated & Freezer Bases

Garland refrigerated bases

Garland Refrigerated bases can be mounted below most cook tops and are available in both self contained compressor as well as remote located compressor.

Equipment Stands

Garland equipment stands

Garland equipment stands are exclusively designed for all Garland countertop cooking systems such as broilers, griddles, and other cooking equipment to provide flexibility and space.

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