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GET Enterprises

Known within the industry for their innovation and artistic flair, G.E.T. offers a long-lasting, durable, and affordable alternative to traditional ceramic dinnerware and their extensive selection of styles and themes guarantees that there is a G.E.T. product line to match any decor. Whether you're looking for standard dinnerware, serving ware, eco-friendly take out containers, drinkware, or fast food and room service serving trays, G.E.T Enterprises has got you covered.


GET Plates

Choose from a large collection of dinnerware in various sizes and colors. G.E.T plates are perfect for commercial as well as residential settings.


GET Platters

From Oval shape platters to rectangular ones, with modern and traditional designs. A variety of colors that complement the decor.


GET Bowls

Solid and pattern designs to present your restaurant in the most professional manner. G.E.T bowls are offered in a variety of shapes.

Cups, Mugs and Tumblers

GET Cups

We offer a variety of cups and mugs in exciting and subtle colors. G.E.T cups and mugs are designed to be durable, beautiful and functional.


GET Saucers

Matching saucers for your cups and mugs to complete your set. G.E.T saucers are durable and strikingly pleasing pieces for any restaurant.


GET Ramekins

Colorful ramekins that are perfect for preparing and serving smaller individual portions of food or to be used as a side dish for your guests.

Display Trays

GET Display Trays

Get the Melamine Trays you need for food presentation in your dining room. G.E.T brand offers high-quality display serving and display trays.


GET Crocks

G.E.T Enterprises Crocks are designed to house mainly salad bar items, however, they also keep extra ingredients ready at prep tables.


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