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Since its establishment in 1969, Glastender has become known for its innovative and efficient bartending equipment that has simplified operations for countless bars and restaurants nationwide. Offering a wide selection of glasswashers, beverage coolers, cocktail stations, mug frosters, and more, Glastender has everything that you need to optimize the workflow of your bar and increase bartender output.


glasstender glasswashers

Low temperature sanitizing glasswashers that use fewer chemicals than the average glasswasher.

Underbar Stations

Underbar Stations

Everything you need to run your bar efficiently including underbar waste sinks, underbar stations, and all-in-one underbar stations.

Modular Bar Die

Modular Bar Die

Comes pre-assembled and mounted to the bar die. Broken down into shippable parts that are easy to install.

Barback Coolers

undercounter and backbar coolers

Glass ice display units have a glass front for increased product visibility. Mobile ice bins that are great for beer and wine.

Beer Dispensing Systems

Beer Dispensing Systems

Beer Towers are available with 3 or 4 faucets. Constructed with a natural wooden finish and comes in the shape of an old fashioned barrel.

Bottle Disintegration Systems

BDS system

Reduce glass bottle waste by as much as 85% and is easy to use. Crushes bottles in seconds while being no louder than a standard blender.

Display and Merchandising

display and merchandising

Lighted liquor displays and glass ice display units that come in a variety of sizes. Choose one to make your drinks visually stunning.

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