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An innovator of the commercial foodservice industry, Hatco offers products built to handle the rugged demands of every-day commercial operations. Hatco is known as an industry leader of reliable refrigeration and water heaters with improved efficiency.

Countertop Equipment

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Hatco Merchandising Warmers safely keep hot wrapped foods at proper serving temperatures for extended holding times while placing it at your customers’ fingertips. Keeping the focus where it belongs – on the product.

Booster Water Heaters

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Hatco Booster Water Heaters provide the 180°F (82°C) final rinse water for all your sanitizing needs, as well as effectively removing food residue and providing rapid self-drying for sparkling clean dishware and flatware.

Strip Heaters

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Safely hold the temperature of your food offerings without drying out or continuing to cook the food with Hatco’s Strip Heaters. Strip Heaters are great for buffets, cafeterias, and concessions.

Refrigerated Wells & Frost Tops

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Refrigerated Wells provide even chilling to effectively blanket pre-chilled food products to retain optimum temperatures, freshness, and taste for refrigerated salad bars and more.

Heated Wells

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Heated Wells from Hatco keep a variety of hot and fresh foods at safe-serving temperatures with much more consistent holding temperatures.

Heated Shelves

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Heated Shelves from Hatco are the ideal food warmers for safely extending food holding times while maintaining that “just-made” quality of the food.

Heated Display Cases & Cabinets

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Display Cabinets are designed to hold hot foods at optimum serving temperatures for prolonged periods, allowing for advanced preparation ahead of peak-serving periods.

Food Display Lights

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Let the light shine in your foodservice operation with Display Lights from Hatco, which provide effective lighting in a stylish design to always keep the focus on the food.

Decorative Lamps

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Hatco’s Decorative Heat Lamps offer fresh looks to transform your foodservice operation into a contemporary space. You can create the perfect look and feel for your restaurant.

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Hatco FHS-SH - Scoop holder

Hatco FHS-SH - Scoop holder

Hatco 17W-SLIDE - Pan Slides (per pair)

Hatco 17W-SLIDE - Pan Slides (per pair)

Hatco FR-3 - Bain Marie Heater, Electric, 3 kW

Hatco FR-3 - Bain Marie Heater, Electric, 3 kW