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Howard McCray is a manufacturer of commercial refrigeration products specializing in product display. Howard McCray commercial refrigeration products include display cases, merchandising freezers and refrigerators, and reach-in refrigerators as well as freezers. Howard McCray has over 124 years of experience, a mature infrastructure, and with the help of our well-trained staff, JES Restaurant Equipment can assist you in solving your display requirements.

Display Cases

Display Cases

Commercial refrigeration products that specialize in product display. Refrigerated deli cases that are constructed from stainless steel.

Refrigerated Merchandisers

Merchandising Fridges

Various shelves and light options as well as color choices to select from. Available with self-contained refrigeration (standard) or remote refrigeration.

Merchandising Freezers

Merchandiser Freezer

Choose from a standard depth and finishes to furnish your store or restaurant. We offer glass front or solid doors to match your decor.



Reach-In Refrigerators and freezers are self-contained with a stainless steel front, grill & door. Equipped with adjustable shelves to adjust to your needs.

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Howard-McCray R-OS35E-3C-S - Open Merchandiser, 39

Howard-McCray R-OS35E-3C-S - Open Merchandiser, 39" W

Howard-McCray R-OS35E-3-S - Open Merchandiser, 39

Howard-McCray R-OS35E-3-S - Open Merchandiser, 39" W

Howard-McCray R-OD40E-3L-LED - Open Merchandiser, 39

Howard-McCray R-OD40E-3L-LED - Open Merchandiser, 39" W

Howard-McCray SC-OS35E-3C-S - Open Merchandiser, 39

Howard-McCray SC-OS35E-3C-S - Open Merchandiser, 39" W

Howard-McCray SC-OS35E-3-S - Open Merchandiser, 39

Howard-McCray SC-OS35E-3-S - Open Merchandiser, 39" W

Howard-McCray R-OS30E-3-B - Open Merchandiser, 39

Howard-McCray R-OS30E-3-B - Open Merchandiser, 39" W

Howard-McCray R-OS30E-3-S - Open Merchandiser, 39

Howard-McCray R-OS30E-3-S - Open Merchandiser, 39" W