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38436 HOSHHS-5061

Hoshizaki HS-5061 - Drain pump assembly

MFG ID: HS-5061
Hoshizaki HS-5061 - Drain pump assembly

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Hoshizaki HS-5061 - Drain pump assembly Reviews

Does the job; beefy unit & a fair price

Unit comes pretty much complete, and has good instructions for a few machines including the one I installed it on- the 50BAJ. Wasn't totally clear on where you find the electric plug with the jumper on the machine; I actually had to remove the vertical wire cover on the back of the machine where it turns out it was hidden and wrapped in plastic & pull it down towards the pump. No big deal, just not spelled out. The pump didn't initially fit with the copper piping for the compressor. I had to gently bend the pipes out of the way to make room for the assembly. The unit didn't really mount to anything; it just sort of sat in the bottom. However, it fit snug and when tested, it was surprisingly quiet & didn't rattle or anything. Worst part of the whole deal is running the hoses through the back cover. Would be WAY better if they allowed you to route and support all of the hoses first, then attach the cover, but you have to sort of stick the hoses through, attach to the pump with the cover dangling off the hoses, then install the cover, THEN support the hoses. Very awkward for service & initial installation. Oh well- hopefully won't have to touch it for years! As I said above, runs pretty quiet; definitely quieter than the drain pump in the Kenmore Elite machine I replaced.

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