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Seasoned Cast Iron

For more than 110 years, Lodge has been perfecting the process of cast iron cookware. But the process was never complete until countless meals, desserts, soups and stews were prepared to create a treasured black patina. Only then was cast iron "seasoned."

In 2002, the Lodge team developed a proprietary vegetable oil spray system with high temperature gas ovens to season the cookware before it leaves the foundry. An heirloom finish everyone can use right out of the box!

 lodge cast iron


Lodge Sizzleware offers an endless range of home entertaining possibilities. Lodge foundry seasoned cast iron helps create meals that sizzle on arrival and remain hot throughout the meal.

Lodge Sizzleware griddles, skillets and kettles add a creative touch to regionally and internationally inspired culinary creations.

Whether you want to serve food hot, cold, or add a measure of creative flair — Lodge offers a world of cast iron inspiration!

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Enamel Cookware

Lodge Enamel cookware has received rave reviews from consumer oriented magazines like Good Housekeeping and Fine Cooking, while also garnering approval from professional chefs, test kitchens and home cooks.

Imported from China, the two lines of enamel coated cast iron cookware are stylish in appearance and produce excellent cooking results with surfaces that are FDA approved.

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