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Since its inception in 1964, Manitowoc Ice, Inc. has been on the cutting edge of technology and conservation. Today with the introduction of the Indigo Series, Manitowoc is taking another huge leap forward. Intelligent Diagnostics provide constant and reliable monitoring of refrigeration systems. In turn, that information is used to improve energy management, set proper productions levels, streamline cleaning processes, ease food safety concerns, maintain ice quality and quickly display up to date service information.
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What type of ice do I need?

When choosing an ice machine, the first question often asked is "what type if ice do I need?" Manitowoc offers several styles of ice in a variety of shapes and sizes. For assistance choosing what best suits your business, call a customer specialist today: (866) 200-6056.

Cubed Ice

Manitowoc Cube Ice Machines

Hard, clear ice cube with unique "rhomboid" shape. Maximum cooling with nearly 100% ice to water ratio.

Half-Cubed | Whole-Cubed

Nugget Ice

Manitowoc Nugget Ice Machines

Easy to dispense and perfect for displays. They are extruded through a round hole, compacting them into chewable nuggets.

Tubular | Nugget | Flake

Gourmet Ice

Manitowoc Gourmet Ice

Hard, clear ice cubes with a unique octogon shape. Premium beverage companion with its crystal like appearance and longer melt times. Perfect for on the rocks drinks at your bar or man cave.

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Manitowoc K00376  Drain Pump

Manitowoc K00376 Drain Pump

Manitowoc CVDF3000  Condenser Unit for SF3000C Series

Manitowoc CVDF3000 Condenser Unit for SF3000C Series

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