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Oak Street Mfg.

Oak Street is a leading manufacturer of furniture for your restaurant or home. Products that range from dining and banquet chairs to booths and outdoor furniture. There is also a selection of hostess stations and waste receptacles to fit your furniture needs. Custom vinyl and laminate options are available. Please contact our top-rated customer service department at (866) 200-6056 for additional details and options.

Table Tops

Oak Street Tables Tops

Oak Street has several tables tops available. Ranging from laminate or wood to granite or their new E-Wood series. Each style can be customized to your unique design needs.

Table Bases

Oak Street Tables Bases

Oak Street is a leading supplier of table bases to fit the foodservice industry. Available configurations include the more common cross base styles as well as the round disc bases.


Oak Street Chairs

Dining Chairs by Oak Street are in a class of their own. With thousands of color selections, customers can create their unique designs to stand out from the rest.

Bar Stools

Oak Street Barstools

Oak Street barstools are the perfect way for your customers to sit comfortably in tall bar seats. They can be comfortable while watching the game or having an outing with friends.


Oak Street Booths

Booths by Oak Street are handcrafted exactly how you order them. Contact us today at (866) 200-6056. We'll send color options and help you build your booth from start to finish.

Outdoor Furniture

Oak Street Outdoor Furniture

Oak Street outdoor furniture is made to brave the elements. The popular diamondback series outdoor chairs and tables are some of the most widely used pieces.

Hostess Stations

Oak Street Hostess Stations

Your hostess is the first image of your restaurant to a customer. Keep an appealing image without breaking the bank. Available in several colors to match your room design.

Waste Receptacles

Oak Street Waste Receptacles

Waste receptacles by Oak Street help keep your trash bin hidden behind a wooden housing and even keeping odors at bay. These are available in several colors.

Replacement Seats

Oak Street Replacement Seats

Oak Street has several replacement seats for all their products. Have another brand? Let us match up an Oak Street seat to your chair or bar stool. Give us a call at (866) 200-6056!

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