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For over 35 years, Rational has revolutionized the world of hot food preparation and provided the maximum possible benefits for their customers. Specializing in two main product lines and an assortment of cooking accessories, Rational is dedicated to providing the highest quality equipment to large-scale, commercial kitchens and industrial catering establishments. The Rational SelfCookingCenter 5 Senses System and Rational CombiMaster Plus Combi-Steamers line are unmatched in quality, performance, efficiency, and technology. The SelfCookingCenter 5 Senses is the only cooking system in the world with 5 senses, it senses, recognizes, thinks ahead, learns from you, and even communicates with you. The high-performance combi-steamer line, CombiMaster Plus, sets sensitive measuring and central control functions, ensuring a balanced cooking cabinet climate that can be matched specifically to the food. No matter what your commercial cooking and steaming needs, Rational has you covered.

Combi-Master Plus

Combi-Master Plus Combi-Steamer features pure, hygienic fresh steam, a highly effective cooking cabinet dehumidification, and dynamic air mixing.

Self Cooking Center

The self-cooking system thinks ahead and determines the ideal cooking path to your desired results. It learns your preferred cooking habits and then implements them.



Rational is dedicated to manufacturing accessories with optimal heat transfer, extreme robustness, and durability. Built to last for generations.

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