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Project Description:

JES Restaurant Equipment — We Know How
When it comes to stocking a restaurant, there's no group of people more knowledgeable or experienced than the design team at JES. We've done simple replacements, partial remodelings, and grand reopenings. We've met repeatedly with that type of first-time restaurateur who has an empty building, a good idea, and not much else. We've repeatedly turned good ideas into blueprints and blueprints into dream kitchens.

Big to small, easy to impossible — we've done it all. So whether you need a single part or an entire semitrailer filled with parts, our experts are ready, caffeinated, and eager to help you out.

Thank you to the team at JES for many years of quality, dependable service. They have enabled us to take better care of our customers.

—Chris, Red Lobster

Outstanding customer service! The woman who assisted me really seemed to know what she was talking about. Ten out of ten!

—Jen, The Thistle Bistro

JES has worked for me for several years. I find them to be honest, punctual and priced fairly. Any problems we have are always handled well.

—Rodger, Southwind

Experienced, reliable, and willing to go the extra mile. JES does a terrific job.

—Eddie, Outback Steakhouse

Advantages of Working with JES

Supplies on the Fly

Partner with JES and take advantage of our extensive delivery network, which sweeps across the United States and parts of Canada. We use UPS to provide our customers with delicate, reliable, and speedy same-day shipping.

Attentive Service

The JES staff provides each new customer with a unique and personalized assistance. We don’t use automated phone systems here. We don’t speak in deceptive jargon. We treat our customers like real people, not like credit card holders.

Renowned Value

Over the years our team has built strong real-life friendships with our equipment providers, and we've negotiated the lowest prices for the food service industry’s most popular items. Nowhere else online will you find fairer prices.