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Offering innovative new ideas for food safety, counter service and washroom products - San Jamar surveys and studies every aspect of the Kitchen, Washroom, Bar, Countertop, or Hand Washing Station environments and finds new ways to improve foodservice efficiency and safety.

Bathroom Accessories

San Jamar T1800XC - Paper Towel Dispenser

San Jamar's universal towel, tissue and soap dispensers are made of the highest-quality materials and quality-tested to ensure reliable, trouble-free dispensing.

Countertop Products

San Jamar C2804 - Cup Dispenser Unit

You may not realize it, but the organization of your counter space says a lot to your customers. A neat, organized counter tells customers that you are professional.

Ice Machine Essentials

San Jamar SI9000 Saf-T-Ice Ice Scoop

Protect ice from dangerous contamination during serving and transport with Ice Scoop holders, Ice Totes, Transport Trollies, and Ice Scoops from San Jamar.


San Jamar TC182412GV - Cutting Board

From the most-innovative and sanitary cutting boards in the industry, to hand safety products that will protect your kitchen staff from cut and burn injuries.

Tabletop Products

San Jamar H4000XC - Tabletop Napkin Dispenser

San Jamar tabletop products will help you portray the best impression possible while minimizing waste, and assure guests that you value their business.

Washing & Janitorial Products

San Jamar G0804 - Disposable Glove Dispenser

San Jamar's patented, state-of-the-art odor control systems provide effortless and efficient air care that enhances the washroom experience for your guests.

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