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  • Request a School Kitchen Quote

    Get an instant quote on Equipment Purchasing for Schools and Educational facilities.
    Instant bids on School cafeteria kitchen equipment and supplies. Leasing options available.

  • Punctual Deliveries

    Partner with JES and take advantage of our extensive delivery network, which sweeps across the United States and parts of Canada. We use UPS to provide our customers with delicate, reliable, and speedy shipping.

  • One on One Service

    The JES staff provides each new customer with a unique and personalized assistance. We don’t use automated phone systems here. We don’t speak in deceptive jargon. We treat our customers like real people.

  • Renowned Value

    Over the years our team has built strong real-life friendships with our equipment providers, and we've negotiated the lowest prices for school cafeterias' most common items. Nowhere else online will you find fairer prices.









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Please include dimensions and power requirements when possible.