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Since 1949, Server has helped foodservice operators everywhere find smart, efficient and sustainable ways to serve fresh food, better. It began at the movie theater, where operators needed an easier way to melt and serve butter for their freshly popped popcorn. They went to work, designing the industry’s first automatic butter warmer and dispenser. Building Server's success at the movies, they continued to work with foodservice operators to develop progressive dispensing and point-of-use equipment that solved every day serving challenges. Honesty and integrity helped nurture each new relationship, while reliable products and personal service kept the business growing. All server products are backed by a two-year warranty.

Condiment Dispensers

condiment dispensers

Choosing the proper condiment dispenser pump prevents operational issues such as over-serving, dripping product and overworking of the pump.

Countertop Food Warmers

soup warmers

Countertop Food Server Warmers reduce waste, maintain quality and save money - all while heating and serving fresh, delicious food all day long.

Countertop Organizers

countertop syrup organizer

Our serving stations keep your condiments, syrups, and toppings on-hand and organized, so you can craft all kinds of delicious variety.

Topping Dispensers

Ice cream topping dispenser

Dispense precise portions of dry foods, candies, cereals, sweeteners, and seasonings. Countertop or wall-mounted dispensers are available.

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