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Founded in 1945, True Food Service has been an industry leader in commercial refrigeration for over 70 years. Started in the St. Louis home of father and son Frank and Bob Trulaske, True has always produced their products in America, and is committed to maintaining American jobs. High standards in customer service, use of quality materials, emphasis on efficient design, and high level performance are just a few of the many reasons why True has always exceeded customer expectations and maintained it's position as the leading manufacturer of commercial refrigerators and freezers.

Reach-In Units

Traditional reach-in configuration, for operations that are looking for a larger refrigerator and more cold storage space.

Undercounter Refrigeration

undercounter refrigeration

For operations with limited space, True offers undercounter fridges so that you can save space.

Refrigerated Bar Units

reach-in refrigeration

True Bar fridges are made with high quality materials and with specific attention to detail to keep your bartender happy!

Refrigerated Chef Bases

Commercial Chef Bases from True Foodservice Equipment are an easy way to speed up prep work and food preparation.

Display Cases

display cases

Commercial Display Cases and Refrigerated Merchandisers with curved glass and reach-in merchandisers.

Food Prep Tables

food prep tables

True’s food prep units are designed with enduring quality that protects your long term investment.

Worktop Refrigerators

worktop refrigeration

Worktop refrigerators feature a backsplash and are also available in one, two and three section configuration.

Heated Cabinets

heated cabinets

Heated cabinets are designed to provide holding temperatures of 140°F to 180°F (60°C to 82.2°C). Perfect for catering!

Overstock + Closeout

overstock + closeouts

Keep your restaurant or establishment running smoothly, and efficiently with True's top quality, heavy duty Kitchen Overstock & Closeouts!

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