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Berkel Inc.

Berkel is an industry founder, literally. Their namesake, W.A Van Berkel, invented the first meat-slicing machine in his butcher shop in The Netherlands in 1898. His fast new method of serving customers was so popular that by 1907, Berkel machines were being sold and used globally. In 1909, W.A. Van Berkel started manufacturing these machine at the U.S. Slicing Machine Company in Chicago, and within six years, this business had outgrown its building. So W.A. Van built a new factory in LaPorte, IN, and changed his company's name to Berkel, Incorporated. Today, Berkel is a piece of living history, making the Slicers, Grinders, Food Processors and Vacuum Sealers needed to prepare and store your dishes with the same quality and inventiveness on which the company was founded.

Food Slicers

Berkel Food Slicers

JES has Berkel manual feed deli slicers for sale as well as their automatic feed counterparts.

Bread Slicers

Berkel Bread Slicers

The high-quality Berkel bread slicers for sale here are the best thing since indoor plumbing.

Packaging Machines

Berkel Packaging Machines

Berkel Packaging machines provide consistently great results for your foodservice operation.

Food Processors

Berkel Food Processors

These commercial food processors will help reduce your food prep time.

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