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Fleetwood Skyfood

Fleetwood products offer a wide range of commercial equipment including blenders, food processors, peelers, meat grinders, bone band saws, juicers, mixers, dough rollers and more. Distributed by Skyfood Equipment - Fleetwood manufacturers offer quality equipment at competitive pricing for any size foodservice operation. They are constantly expanding the extension of Markets served and adding new products to their line to better assist their customers.

Countertop Equipment

Cooking Equipment

Designed for heavy-duty use, Skyfood offers a variety of countertop equipment. From countertop fryers to griddles and meat tenderizers; skyfood offers any countertop equipment your establishment needs!

Meat and Bone Saws

Meat Saws

Skyfood's tabletop meat and bone saws are designed for mid-sized butcher shops, grocery stores, and restaurants. These sturdy, compact models are ideal for establishments with limited space.

Processing Equipment

Meat Processing

By combining technology with simplicity, Skyfood offers a wide range of compact and powerful meat and vegetable processing equipment. This equipment cuts, chops, mixes, and blends any food product in seconds!

Meat Grinders

meat grinders

Skyfood meat grinders are powered by an oversized motor and gear-driven transmission. These tabletop meat grinders are perfect for medium and large production: rugged, reliable, compact, and easy to clean!

Display Cases

display cases

Skyfood food warming display cases combine elegance with low maintenance. Designed to optimize your product visibility and increase impulse sales while keeping foods at a safe temperature.



Specifically designed for high-efficiency citrus juice production, these juicers are easy to operate and clean. These models are ideal for restaurants, juice shops, convenience stores, and hotels!



Skyfood has a blender size for every job! Available in stainless steel, glass, or polypropylene containers; with multiple high-speed models. All containers interchange with a power base.



Skyfood offers a variety of computing and portion control scales to fit all your weighing needs. These scales are user-friendly, and equipped with a multitude of high-quality features and capabilities!



These high quality and reliable slicers are available in an assortment of varieties, sizes, and applications. Designed under the most recent safety and sanitation standards, these models are built to last!



With a variety of sizes, shapes, features, and applications; Skyfood offers a wide range of accessories for blenders, food processing, vacuum packaging, and more that are all built with productivity in mind!

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Skyfood GL250 - 10in blade, manual feed

Skyfood GL250 - 10in blade, manual feed

Skyfood DMS-30 - 30 Pieces Dough Divider, Manual

Skyfood DMS-30 - 30 Pieces Dough Divider, Manual