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The writers here on the JES Restaurant Equipment Blog are food service veterans who now immerse themselves in the industry's current technologies and trends. When one of your waitresses visits a restaurant, she inadvertently critiques the service. When one of us bloggers visits a restaurant, we critique the silverware - we glance over at the hostess stand and shake our heads at how un-intuitive its shelves are.

We're opinionated. We're knowledgeable. We're passionate.

We know that equipping a restaurant isn't a particularly glamorous undertaking. We do our best to write in clear, down-to-earth language that everyone can understand. We work hard every day so that each of our visitors leaves a little more informed and, hopefully, a little more inspired.

John Boos History

NEW: The History of The John Boos & Co Butcher Block Table

With over 125 years in the market, John Boos & Co is the primary provider for gourmet products, butcher blocks, and foodservice equipment in the USA. Capable of both wood and metal manufacturing at the same location, John Boos is the only manufacturer with the opportunity to easily and quickly expand...

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Energy Star

NEW: The Case For Energy Efficient Foodservice Equipment

Shopping for commercial foodservice equipment can be overwhelming. There are a variety of factors to consider such as brand, performance and warranty terms. However one factor that should be a no-brainer is whether or not...

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Types of Commercial Ovens

Over the years, the oven has become practically synonymous with cooking of all kinds. While ovens may be simple to operate, they are actually fairly complicated devices that come in a variety of different types with different functions.

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How to Wash, Rinse, and Sanitize a Compartment Sink

Most restaurants are required to have a commercial sink consisting of three or more compartments to manually clean and sanitize utensils and equipment.

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