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Southbend has been manufacturing their line of heavy-duty cooking equipment for restaurants since 1898 with a standard of unsurpassed performance. This is done by offering their line of equipment with unwavering commitment to durability for the most demanding restaurant environments.


Southbend 4601AA - Restaurant Range

Gas and electric ranges that come with a variety of bases and tops including ovens, griddles, and storage cabinets. Available in different sizes and number of burners.


Southbend KEMTL-80 - Tilting Kettle/Mixer

Tilting kettles that can hold 60 gallons, 150 gallons and more. Choose from electric, gas and direct steam. Countertop models are available too.


Southbend RG24-5 - Convection Steamer

Steamers that produce steam by convection, pressure and directly. Countertop and floor steamers are available. Choose from gas or electric.

Convection Ovens

Southbend EB/20CCH - Convection Oven

Convection ovens with single, double and triple decks. You can choose whether it runs on electricity or gas.

Broilers & Charbroilers

Southbend P36W-CCC - Wood Smoker Charbroiler

Broilers with oven attachments, charbroilers that function as wood smokers, countertop models that can fit in any space and more.


Southbend 20084RSB - Refrigerator Base

Freezer and refrigerator bases, mobile oil filters, steam generators, equipment stands for countertop cooking.

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