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10 Kitchen Gadgets for Those Who Love to Cook

Posted by Rachel Schwartz on 8/20/2019

Let's face it, there are so many gadgets, tools, and appliances that can go into a person's kitchen. The amount of kitchenware and variety may vary slightly depending on how often one cooks at home and the type of cuisine they tend to make, but in general, you can find the same basic things in any kitchen. Those that love to cook however, love to experiment and may use certain, specialty kitchen tools more often than the average cook. For the person who already loves to cook or for the curious chef just delving deeper into the world of cooking, here are ten items any lover of cooking will want to have in their arsenal.

  1. Stainless Steel Odor Remover-- This stainless steel bar of soap removes the odors that like to linger such as garlic and onion. 
  2. Herb Keeper-- Keep your herbs fresh for up to three weeks in this airtight sealed container. Dishwasher safe, this herb keeper will save you money by elongating the lives of your herbs so that you can savor the taste of fresh herbs in your dishes over dried ones. 
  3. Stand Mixer-- Although they do take up prime countertop real estate, a stand mixer can save you a lot of time and energy if you find yourself regularly baking or mixing dough. 
  4. Pasta Maker-- This particular gadget is three functions in one--grinder, mincer, and pasta maker. Ideal for everything from meats to nuts to veggies, this combo maker comes with several attachments: coarse mincing plate, fine mincing plate, sausage funnel, and riagtoni, sphaghetti, and linguine attachments. 
  5. Oil Mister-- Reduce the amount of oil you use when cooking with this oil mister. This air infused mister evenly and gradually dispenses oil so that you can cook whatever you might need with less oil.
  6.  Dumpling Press-- Perfect for making a variety of pocket, dough-based foods, this dumpling press does the work for you and leaves you with evenly pressed edges. A handful of recipes even come included. 
  7. Meat Grinder-- Create your own ground meat using a manual or electric meat grinder. By doing this, you can easily add your own spices or mix your preferred meats together for unique blends that are ready to go.
  8. Herb Mill-- Cooking with fresh herbs is a tasty experience. If you frequently find yourself mincing or chopping fresh herbs into smaller pieces to use, try getting an herb mill that will do the work for you. Dishwasher safe with a stainless steel blade, this herb mill will effortlessly take whole herbs and turn them into tiny pieces.
  9. Immersion Blender-- Blenders are great but it can be a pain to get one out (and clean up afterwards) for relatively small amounts. A handheld immersion blender takes the blender to your mixing bowl or cup instead of vice versa. With a 3-cup pitcher that has graduated measuring marks and a no slip ring at its base in addition to the blender itself, you can try your hand at some of the more intricate recipes with ease. 
  10. Sous Vide Immersion Circulator-- Master sous vide cooking with this immersion circulator. It comes with user guides and a cookbook so you can learn step by step how to bath your dinner in water without it becoming a waterlogged mess.  

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