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The Leader in Drop-Off Catering: Sterno SpeedHeat

Posted by JES Team on 6/20/2024
The Leader in Drop-Off Catering: Sterno SpeedHeat

A seamless event relies on dependable equipment, and no one wants to face the frustration of malfunctioning chafers, inadequate serveware, or the dangers of open flames. These were once unavoidable challenges in catering... until the arrival of a game-changing solution.

Health Tips Restaurant Goers Should Keep in Mind

Posted by Rachel Schwartz on 5/15/2020

As restaurants begin to reopen, there are several things restaurant goers can do to help ensure their health and the health of other diners and restaurant employees. 

Keep your Employees and Customers Healthy: Tips for Restaurant Owners

Posted by Rachel Schwartz on 5/13/2020

There are several things restaurant owners can do or implement to protect their employees and customers as restaurants begin to reopen. 

Restaurant Sanitation from a Restaurant Owner's Perspective

Posted by Rachel Schwartz on 3/18/2020

There are several things you can do to promote sanitation in your establishment and fight against bacteria, viruses, and illness.

Restaurant Sanitation from a Restaurant Diner's Perspective

Posted by Rachel Schwartz on 3/18/2020

There are several things restaurant diners can do to prevent catching bacteria, viruses, and illness when dining out. 

What Temperature Should my Wine be?

Posted by Rachel Schwartz on 5/24/2019

There's nothing quite like a nice glass of wine after a long day. But, are you storing and drinking your wine at the right temperature for optimal taste? Check out this infographic and find out! And if you like, please share it and tag JES!

Where + How Do Restaurants Use Berner Air Curtains?

Posted by MJ on 4/20/2018

What is an Air Curtain?

From the office lobby to shipping and receiving, and from our front doors to yours, better environments use Berner! Since 1956 Berner International has been dedicated to maintaining comfortable environments and saving energy with Berner commercial, architectural, and industrial air curtains and doors. Berner air curtains and doors effectively prevent heating or air conditioning from escaping through open doors; while providing substantial energy savings, personal comfort, and insect control. Air Curtains and doors employ a controlled stream of air aimed across an opening to create an air seal. This seal separates different environments while allowing a smooth, unhindered flow of traffic and unobstructed view through the opening. Berner Air Curtains also help stop the infiltration of flying insects. For 60 years Berner has offered unmatched quality, performance, and dependability; saving energy and creating healthy, comfortable environments!

Choosing The Right Ice Type

Posted by Eric on 8/28/2017
Which ice type is right for your business? We will walk you through the differences and their function.

Managing Cash Flow

Posted by MJ on 7/7/2017

Starting a new business can be a daunting process. Worrying about having cash on hand to pay bills or better yet, pay employees is always a top priority for startup owners. QuickSpark has created an infographic to help owners better manage cash flow for their business!

Preferred Beer & Popcorn Pairings

Posted by MJ on 6/8/2017

Let these recommendations spark ideas of how you can use gourmet popcorn to complement your beer selection!

Did You Know That Elephant Birds Lay The Biggest Eggs? An Egg-Fact Infographic.

Posted by JES Contributor on 12/18/2015

Check out our new Infographic filled with amazing facts about eggs.  If you like it please share by using the links on the left!

Eat These 7 Superfoods and Live Forever!

Posted by JES Contributor on 11/8/2015

Check out our new Infographic with 7 amazing superfoods that can help to live longer, be more productive, and feel great!  If you like it please share by using the buttons to the left, or you can post it on your own site with the code below.

Rules of Table Etiquette in High Society [Infographic]

Posted by JES Contributor on 10/31/2015

Prescriptive rules of etiquette — even those starchy, hoity-toity, three-sorts-of-dinner-fork type rules — didn’t just crop up randomly. Smart people like Judith Martin, Amy Vanderbilt, and Emily Post paid close attention to both successful dinner guests and unpopular ones and thought about how the differences in their social tics affected the flow of a conversation or the atmosphere in a room. They listed these behaviors in notebooks, found the patterns, and then got their findings published. Good and bad manners existed well before Emily Post — all she did was jot them down.

Ice Machine 101: How to Install a Water Filter

Posted by Jeramy Baker on 10/9/2015

We noticed that a bizarrely large number of customers have called in recently asking us how to install new water filters in their ice machines—we’re talking like a sudden six-fold increase in filtration-related questions here—and we couldn’t help but wonder if maybe the universe is trying to tell us something. Now, the J.E.S. New Employee Corporate HR Handbook has a short section in it that warns employees against “needless attribution of unexplained phenomena [to] serendipity,” and then goes on to discourage “reading too much into, or explicitly trusting and/or believing in, so-called ‘Signs from the Universe,’ ” but, just this one time, we’ve chosen to ignore company policy and listen to our guts and take the time to draw up a diagram for y’all to use. We hope it helps!

How To Size Your Kegs Correctly

Posted by on 9/4/2015

Over the years, keg sizes have become a somewhat confusing topic for those looking to purchase their own direct draw serving equipment and kegerators for their bar, restaurant, or residence.  After centuries of use in the preparation and storage of alcoholic beverages, the essentially arbitrary sizing system of barrels and kegs has become a bit cumbersome, and the exact meaning of “keg” during a conversation varies depending on the interpretation of the person with which you are speaking. Although keg sizes are not officially standardized from one location to the next, there are generally accepted regional standards that will help make selecting appropriately-sized kegs a simple endeavor.

Draft Beer Keg Size Comparison Chart

Posted by on 6/27/2015

Hey beer lovers! If you’re a veteran of craft beer or if you’re trying to learn more about beer culture, you already know that things can get confusing. Take kegs for example. There are so many different kinds!

Whether you use different sizes of kegs in your bar kegerator or you want to know what size keg your home kegerator needs, this handy keg size comparison chart will tell you which keg you need to buy.

Are You Making These Common Grilling Mistakes?

Posted by JES on 6/5/2015

Now that it's Football Season, millions of people are firing up the grill and cooking up delicious meals. But how many of you are making these common grilling mistakes?

Sizing Chart for Commercial Baking Sheets

Posted by JES Team on 4/9/2015

The racks, ovens, refrigerators, and heating cabinets used by restaurants are all designed to hold the same style of pan. Everything’s standardized. A sheet of hot cookies can be pulled out of an oven, carried across the kitchen, and then slid into a holding cabinet without you prying the cookies off one pan and dropping them onto another.

A Layman’s Guide To Pairing Wine

Posted by Hayden on 3/9/2015

We’ve discussed wine pairing in previous posts, but sometimes a more handy, visual guide can be very useful when making those quick dinner decisions. Here is a comprehensive chart of wine pairing advice, courtesy of

The Glassware of Craft Beer [Infographic]

Posted by Jeramy Baker on 2/17/2015

You must’ve heard that 75% of taste actually comes from the way a thing smells. So tell me this: why would any reasonable person keep good beer confined inside the bottle? Release it! Let it breathe! Whenever beer is poured into a glass, its bubbles get dislodged and float to the surface, tugging those delicious beery aromas along with them. But as you’re soon to find out, choosing a beer glass is more complicated than just opening the cupboard and grabbing whichever one’s in front. Scroll through this infographic and you’ll learn which glass your beer needs—nay—deserves.

Save A Finger & Share This Infographic With Your Friends

Posted by JES Contributor on 9/28/2011
image header

We don't mean to worry you or anything, but your kitchen is trying to kill you. That's right. Every year millions of people are sent to the emergency room due to kitchen accidents. Here's an infographic to better explain.

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