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Preferred Beer & Popcorn Pairings

Gold Medal Preferred Beer & Popcorn Pairings
Let these recommendations spark ideas of how you can use gourmet popcorn to complement your beer selection!

A longtime favorite bar food, popcorn is the snack that's popping with possibilities for breweries! The opportunity is multiplied when combined with the right seasoning. Create flavor combinations that are ideal for pairing and you'll give customers a taste experience that can't get anywhere else!

Beer & Popcorn Pairings 1
Beer & Popcorn Pairings 2
Beer & Popcorn Quick Reference Guide

Gold Medal Products

With over 11 branches throughout the nation Gold Medal is a leader in concessions and food specialty machines and supplies. Initially separating from an ink manufacturer, Gold Medal began developing cake flavors, food coloring, drink concentrates and syrups in 1993. With WWII the company continued to flourish and became major producers of ice shaver machines and popcorn poppers. Today Gold Medal is one of the largest concessions equipment companies, offering cotton candy machines, gourmet popcorn poppers, sno-kone shavers, funnel cake fryers, pretzel displays, hot dog rollers and an array of food and drink flavorings!

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