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Sizing Chart for Commercial Baking Sheets

Posted by on 4/9/2015

The racks, ovens, refrigerators, and heating cabinets used by restaurants are all designed to hold the same style of pan. Everything’s standardized. A sheet of hot cookies can be pulled out of an oven, carried across the kitchen, and then slid into a holding cabinet without you prying the cookies off one pan and dropping them onto another. There are five sizes of baking sheet pans that restaurateurs need to know about:

  • Full size (26" x 18"),
  • Two-Thirds size (21" x 15"),
  • Half size (18" x 13"),
  • Quarter size (13" x 9"), and
  • Eighth size (9" x 6.5").

Numbers, numbers, numbers. These pans make more sense when you see them in person. Two half size pans fit squarely on top a full size pan. Two quarters on top a half. Two eighths on top a quarter. Same width, half the length. So a front-load rack that can hold a single full size pan will also fit two half size pans on a single rack when they’re placed back to back.

Most large commercial appliances will hold one (1) Full size baking sheet per shelf. And while most commercial ovens are full-size, some are half-size and others are . quarter-size When buying new baking sheets, be sure to check if it fits your oven.

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