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Classic Chocolate Fountains

Sephra fountains

Whether you're looking to throw an amazing baby shower, wedding shower, or just to celebrate National Chocolate Day, make it fabulous with a delicious and beautiful chocolate fondue fountain! Chocolate fountains are easy to set up, can create a pop of color, and bring a whole new level of decor to your event or party.

Sephra Fountains

Sephra Chocolate Fountains are recognized worldwide as being the highest quality chocolate fountains available. These chocolate fountains run quietly and deliver a beautiful cascade of chocolate. Sephra offers chocolate fountains in a variety of commercial and residential models. Plus, Sephra chocolate is the best chocolate for fondue fountains, it's easy to use and you DO NOT NEED to add any oil to get it to work!

Things you might want to serve on your buffet or chocolate fountain dipping tableā€¦


Pretzels Sticks (small)Marshmallows
Rice Crispy TreatsMini Cream Puffs (frozen)
Mini Chocolate Eclairs (frozen)Angel Food Cake
CaramelsPeanut Brittles
Breakfast BarsGranola Bars
Sponge CakeFresh Fruit

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[WATCH] the video below to learn how to add color to your chocolate fountain.


colored fountains

Photos by Brenda Godinez on Unsplash & Sephra

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