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Manual & Thermostatic Griddles: Do You Know the Difference?

Posted by on 2/3/2018

Often times our customers are confused about the difference between manual and thermostatic griddles.  The difference is quite simple actually so we'll try and explain it in a manner that most anyone can relate to…

A manual griddle operates much like the heating element on your stove top;  you have Low, Medium and High settings with a few notches in between but no real control over the temperature at which that element heats to.  So if you have a manual griddle you will have similar controls that will control the amount of gas that is fed to the burner or the amount of electricity that is fed to the electric element.  The downside of this type of griddle is lack of control over the surface temperature as it will continue to rise no matter the setting.

With a thermostatic griddle you have much more control over the temperature of the cooking surface, like your oven you have a control that lets you set the temperature at which you would like to cook.  For instance if you want to cook at 400°F you set the thermostat to the desired temperature and it will maintain that temperature within a few degrees.  So with a thermostatic griddle you can set it an forget it, and in our opinion is the best choice for a griddle.

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