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A Braising Pan Does It All, but a Lot of Restaurant Owners Don’t Know They Exist

Posted by on 12/15/2015


                                                                        Blodgett 30G-BLT 30 gallon braising pan.

There are many ways to tenderize meats. One way to enhance the food’s color and flavoring is to slowly cook meat in liquid to produce tender, moist meat. Stewing is one method of choice but to really use less liquid in order to retain those juices and flavors the best method would be to braise your meats. This particular method surrounds the meat around the juices and moisture created by the cooking process.

Braising your meats allows you to slowly cook food in its own juices with some added liquid and moisture. This method involves searing the meat and then slowly cooking the meats in a braising pan until the food is tender and moist. Braising is a good technique for cooking and tenderizing tough cuts of meat. The braising pan works specifically for this method and is a necessity in the process.

Most braising pans are made with solid construction that allows the pan to withstand prolong heating. Commercial braising pans are on a stand and are usually gas or electric powered.

There are other ergonomic braising pans that have a quick-tilting body that allows for precise control during the pouring of pan contents for easier operation. The Groen GROEBPM-40G Eclipse Ergonomic Braising Pan has this specific feature and has a 40-gallon capacity with a 10” deep pan and an electric spark ignition.

These pans have a very durable cover that retains heat and traps in the juices and moisture necessary in the cooking process.

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