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Benefits of a Small Kitchen

Posted by Rachel Schwartz on 6/17/2020

If you love to cook, a large, spacious kitchen with an island probably sounds like a dream come true. In reality, not everyone has the kitchen of their dreams in their apartment or house. Galley-style kitchens are much more common, particularly if you have an apartment or a smaller or older house. But, while you may get kitchen envy when visiting a friend's home or browsing the internet, there are a few benefits to having a smaller kitchen space. 

Everything has a place. Those with less space in their kitchens must become very good at space management. This means that every single item in the kitchen has a specific place and some tools might serve more than one purpose. 

Less is more. This may sound similar to the previous statement but there is a difference. With no extra space to spare, having less items in your kitchens can help you determine what appliances and cooking accoutrements you actually need and use and which ones you can let go of. How many pots do you need? When was the last time you used your spring form pan? Asking and answering questions like these can help you organize your kitchen as well as purge anything you find you don't actually need or don't have room for. This, in turn, can simply the act of the cooking because there are less choices to make if you only have two serving platters or no longer have specialized tools that only serve one purpose. 

Less food is wasted. While your refrigerator and freezer might not necessarily be smaller in a smaller kitchen, your pantry space most likely is. This smaller space for storing food means that what food you do have will get used up faster. It also means you are less likely to forget or lose track of what you have in your pantry or refrigerator. Less space for storage also pushes you to only purchase the groceries you will need for a week or so at a time since there won't be much room to stock to large quantities of anything. 

Easier to clean. It's not a secret that less surface area means there is less to clean. And because every surface must be utilized in an economic way, it's hard to let dirty dishes clutter up the sink or countertop for long since that space will most likely need to be utilized later in the day.  

There's a common saying about having too many cooks in the kitchen. In a literal and physical sense, this sentiment is true with smaller kitchens because there simply isn't enough room for more than one or two people to move around comfortably. For those who enjoy gathering in the kitchen or making dinner as a family, this could be a con, but for those who prefer not to have too many people in the way or who want to keep any overbearing relatives or friends out of their kitchen, the smaller space would be a benefit. 

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