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Cut Your French Fries In Style With These Bizarre Fry Cutters

Nemco is famous for their French Fry Cutters so lets start with The Spiral Fry Cutter!

Spiral Fry Cutter

Spiral Fry lets you turn potatoes into plates full of uniquely appetizing, fresh, thin spiral fries that serve up big profits for you. Simply load up to a 70-ct. potato, and turn the easy-action drive screw. No peeling required. Easily releases and retracts for fast reloading. Preset drive depth protects blades from contact with metal parts. Heavy-duty construction adds durability and long life. The Spiral Fry mounts securely on any flat surface for a lefty or righty operation. Removes easily for quick cleanup—just loosen the mounting nut, slide out and rinse. Fine Cut Garnish Cutter makes attractive vegetable garnishes quickly and easily. The Ribbon Fry Cutter makes a great side for sandwiches. The unique chip Twister Fry is the newest trend in potato cutting!

PowerKut Food Cutter

For mounds and mounds of today’s most enchanting fries and decorations, you can’t ask for more than PowerKut Spiral Fry, Ribbon Fry and Fine Cut Garnish Cutters. The unique Chip Twister Fry is the newest direction! It’s easy to serve fresh, healthful, delicious fries using the whole potato! Operation is simple—load, apply steady, even pressure and move the carriage forward. Heavy duty stainless steel and engineered plastics stand up to tough commercial use. Wipes clean. Holds a 60-count potato!

Monster FryCutter

If you are looking to just cut your average french fry then the Monster FryKutter is just the tool for you or your business. Introducing the first potato cutting tool that just eats up the massive “monster” potatoes, delivering a big 1/4”, 3/8” or 1/2” square cut. The special blade assembly does all the work to minimize operator fatigue and maximize productivity, so you can make more money on the big monster craving of your customers!

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