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Heat Up Your Summer with a Cinders Slimfold Grill

Summer is just around the corner and that means it’s time for more outdoor barbecues. You probably can’t wait to tie an apron around your waist, load your outdoor grill up with a bag of charcoal, and throw a couple of patties on and watch them simmer. What happens when you need to grill for a large group of people and two or three hamburger patties at a time just isn’t going to cut it? You may want to think about buying a new outdoor grill that can handle this kind of workload.

Cinders has developed an outdoor grill that surpasses its competitors in grilling capacity and portability. The Slimfold 3 and the Slimfold 6 are both gas grills that you can fold up and take anywhere. This portable grill is flat and has a capability of folding up allowing you to take it anywhere with ease. Not only are the Slimfolds easy to carry, they are also light-weight. These grills cover 1134 square inches and yet the Slimfold 6 (the larger of the two) weighs only 97lbs. The Slimfold 3 is a half sized unit and it covers 567 square inches while only weighing 51lbs.

How does the Slimfold work? These grills have a long, flat burner surface. The long burners enter the grill from each end and run in the center of the grill to meet each other in the middle. The burners flame out on both sides of a channeled stainless steel heat exchanger. This heat exchanger carries the flames to the outer edges of the firebox. No lava rock is required, which reduces the weight and dirt of the grill.

These grills offer several benefits. It’s always ideal when you are cooking in the heat of summer not to have your grill be the catalyst for giving off excess heat to your guests. These grills contain the heat inside the units. They cook your food items evenly and efficiently without giving off heat to the cook and his/her guests. Another advantage is the grills rarely need cleaning. The firebox itself acts as a self-cleaning oven which rarely needs the grill top to be lifted. The flat griddle accessory is ideally used as a cleaning tool because it covers the grill area while allowing the right amount of ventilation, so the residue left on the cooking surface will turn into an ash that can easily be brushed away. The only real cleaning necessity is wiping down the grill surface. The design of the grill surface is made where the long edges are higher than the center to prevent food from sliding away from the chef.

Since this is a gas grill, it’s important to know what size gas tanks to use. The full size Slimfold 6 requires a twin 20lbs tank system. These tanks last over 12 hours at 68,000 BTUs. The half sized Slimfold 3 only requires a 20lbs tank and also last over 12 hours. Since these grills recirculate heat, it makes the gas very economical and energy-saving.

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