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Common Spanish Words Used by Restaurant Workers

Posted by on 5/15/2015

This guide includes the 300 most commonly used Spanish words in restaurant kitchens. It’s the perfect way to communicate with your Spanish-speaking restaurant staff without learning a new language. Bookmark this page, and retrieve it when you need it.

General Restaurant Terms

In this section you’ll find the most basic Spanish restaurant terms. How do I address my employees in Spanish? How do tell them their schedules? What’re the words for the different courses? (Remember to use “el” and “o” for masculine nouns and adjective and to use “la” and “a” for feminine nouns and adjectives.)

Allergy – la Alérgia

Appetizer – la Botana 

Bathroom – el Cuarto de baño 

Breakfast – el Desayuno 

Cleaning staff – la Personal para limpieza 

to Clock in – Fichar 

to Clock out – Fichar la salida 

Cook – el Cocinero 

Dessert – el Postre 

Dinner – la Cena 

Dish Washers – los Lavaplatos 

Drinks – las Bebidas 

Entrée – el Plato fuerte 

Food – la Comida 

Host – el Anfitrión

Hostess – la Anfitriona 

Kitchen – la Cocina 

Kitchen staff – el Personal para la cocina 

Laundry workers – los Lavanderos / las Lavanderas 

Lunch – el Almuerzo 

Meal – la Comida 

Patron – el Huésped / la Huéspeda 

Recipe – la Receta Restaurant – el Restaurante 

Restaurant manager – el/la Gerente del restaurante 

Table – la Mesa 

Vegetarian – el Vegetariano / la Vegetariana 

Waiter – el Camarero 

Waitress – la Camarera 

Work shift – el Turno

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