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Cooking for One Just got Easier

Food is delicious but when you’re cooking just for yourself, the idea of making food can be daunting. It’s not easy to find (or halve) a recipe to fit a single serving. And, while leftovers are great, it can get tiring to eat the same meal four days in a row. While the cons of cooking for one may not all be solved, there are a few products on the market that have made the task easier.

Tomlinson and Lodge make some great cast iron cookware. They each also have a few products perfect for a single serving. This mini skillet from Tomlinson has a pour spout on either side and is the perfect size for making a single egg or a single serving of your favorite dessert. Tomlinson also makes this mini cocotte which is great for making a variety of dishes and can go in the oven. Lodge’s cast iron mini server is also perfect for many different dishes or for simply cooking a piece of meat alongside some vegetables.

This nonstick omelet pan is great for solo meals as it not only makes preparing an omelet super simple, but also allows you to make something different for breakfast that isn’t cereal or a bagel without the surplus of a large spread.

Cooking for one may still have its downsides but with these products, the thought of a solo meal is looking up.

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