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Introducing Antunes' New Egg Station Mini

Posted by Rachel Schwartz on 6/12/2019

Everyone loves a good egg. They’re easy to make, taste good, and are super versatile. To make the process of cooking eggs even easier, Antunes has recently added a new item to their repertoire—an egg station mini.

With a footprint smaller than any other available egg station, this ventless unit allows you to move eggs off the grill without taking up a ton of additional space in the kitchen. Additionally, the 120V / 15A cord plugs into basic electrical outlets for easy movement to any kitchen countertop.

This egg station mini makes it easy for you to quickly serve fresh, made-to-order eggs for menu items in any daypart as it pairs Antunes’ grilling technology with space saving, convenience, and versatility. Using a combination of heat from the grill surface and steam, the station cooks perfectly moist eggs with speed and precision.

Available with a rack and cover kit for compact preparation, this egg station mini can be used to make up to six eggs, a single eight-inch omelet, or scrambles at a time. Cooking time for the eggs is approximately 120 second for room temperature eggs or 150 second for refrigerated eggs.

If you’re in need to making a lot of eggs (or egg-based foods) in a short amount of time on a regular basis, consider trying this new egg station mini from Antunes.

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