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Introducing Bakerlux and VariKwik Ovens by Cadco

Posted by Rachel Schwartz on 4/26/2019
Countertop or stackable with optional stacking kit
  •      Energy star rated (Bakerlux)
  •      Screen flashes and unit beeps at the end of cooking cycle
  •      Chef Support available
  •       2 year limited warranty

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    Since 1996, Cadco has been a leader in providing unique, quality foodservice equipment. Known for their innovative oven designs, Cadco provides fast cooking ovens suitable for a variety of foodservice markets including hotels, food trucks, delis, baking, and more. Regardless of your cooking needs, Cadco’s countertop ovens provide quality, fast cooking without compromising taste.

    Bakerlux models such as the XAFT-03HS-GD and the XAFT-03HS-LD offer thicker doors which allow for a refined air flow, feature three shelves for cooking, and are, on average, 20% faster than before. With dimensions ranging from 23 5/8 x 16 5/8 x 29 to 31 ½ x 19 5/8 x 35 ½, Bakerlux countertop ovens can be conveniently placed anywhere so there’s no need to worry if you have little kitchen space. The XAFT-03HS-GD features a GO panel with basic digital controls and 120 volts for cooking. The XAFT-03HS-LD features an LED panel with proofer control and humidity monitoring, with available voltage randing from 208-240. Both models also feature a larger motor for longer lasting use and the ability to save up to 99 different programs.

    The Bakerlux line is also introducing countertop ovens with a swing-door option. Previously, all models contained the traditional drop-down door but the XAFT-04HS-TR and XAFT-04FS-TR feature a swing door which opens to the left for easier handling. The XAFT-04FS-TR also offers four shelves for optimal cooking as well as connection to wifi and a USB port for programming capabilities. Great for baking, these touch screen models and LED models are also compatible with Cadco’s ventless hoods. These ventless hoods, like the XAKHT-HCHS, make Bakerlux ovens ideal to install anywhere in your kitchen without having to worry about having a traditional hood or the necessary duct-work. 

    If you are looking for a fast cooking option that doesn’t use microwave energy like most traditional convection ovens, consider the VariKwik line from Cadco. Rather than rely on microwave energy to heat and reheat food, VariKwik products instead utilize tri-heat technology, combining infrared, convection, and conduction heat to quickly cook food. Available in 120- and 220-volt options, these countertop ovens are designed to quickly prepare food without altering food’s taste or composition. The VK-220 can fit up to a 10” pizza on either of its 2 shelves. With a touch screen display system, the VK-220 and its similar models allow you to save recipe functions for future use. A non-stick CrisPlate cooking plate and a large spatula are included with each VariKwik countertop oven.

    Other features of Bakerlux and VariKwik countertop ovens:

    •        Heat settings up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit
    •         Countertop or stackable with optional stacking kit
    •      Energy star rated (Bakerlux)
    •      Screen flashes and unit beeps at the end of cooking cycle
    •      Chef Support available
    •       2 year limited warranty

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