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Invest in a Ventless Ventilation System for Your Commercial Kitchen


Many restaurants use deep fat fryers, griddles and other large restaurant appliances for commercial use in their kitchen. If any of these appliances are used, then they will need a ventilation system with an exhaust hood to filter out the smoke and particle emissions. A standard ventilation unit is one method of ventilation control; however, if you are a restaurant owner, you may want to consider a ventless ventilation system.

A ventless ventilation system is an alternative for someone who doesn’t want to go through the hassle of installing a standard ventilation system. The key advantage to the ventless ventilation system is that it requires no air duct system. The system itself has an air filtering system that cleans the emissions and recycles the air back into the room—instead of exhausting out of the building and into the atmosphere.

The units are all inclusive and provide a fan, collection hood, an interlock system that doesn’t allow heating elements to be energized if any other filters are not in place, and an air filtering system that has a grease filter along with a fire suppression system that is built into the ventless hood to provide ultimate protection. The three-phase filtration system actually exceeds EPA-202 standards for particle emissions on all Wells ventless filtration systems.

The Wells ventless ventilation system goes through essentially three stages. The first stage has a stainless steel baffle filter which catches grease particles and begins to cool the vapor which increases the particle size before it goes through the second stage. This filter should be cleaned on a daily basis in either a sink or can be ran through a dish washer.

The second stage is a fire rated fiberglass filter that removes portions of the grease and smoke vapor. The fiberglass filters can be used until they are fully saturated at which point airflow is minimalized

The third stage is a HEPA and high carbon charcoal filter pack that will remove the smaller particles that most likely permeated through the other two phases. This filter rarely needs to be replaced, assuming the other two are properly cleaned and maintained.

Seeing as how the units are all-in-one, there is minimal installation required. Most units need a standard electrical system installation; however, this system eradicates the necessity to install an air duct to the ceiling of your restaurant. It is also particularly useful when your appliances that have a need for it are not actually connected to an exterior wall. This ventilation system is portable and can be moved from location to location without any installation required.                                              

These units are intended for ordinary locations in Canada that are in accordance to the Canadian Electrical Code, Part I and are required to comply with the National Building Code of Canada. This is the only website that actually acknowledges these systems under the Canadian Electrical Code.

Here at J.E.S. Restaurant Equipment, we have leasing options on the Wells ventless units with three filters.

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