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Learn the Big Differences Between Commercial and Residential Dishwashers

When choosing what dishwasher will go into your commercial space the first decision will be what type of dishwasher you need, commercial or residential. For most commercial operations, such as restaurants, bars, or cafeterias, commercial will be the obvious choice. In fact commercial dishwashers are recommended for all business applications except for small office breakrooms. So what is the difference between a commercial dishwasher and its residential counterpart?

The main benefit of a commercial dishwasher over residential is speed. Commercial models have extremely fast washing cycles and dishes require little drying time – this allow them to meet the high dishwashing demands of restaurants and businesses. Most commercial dishwashers can wash a load a minute, a speed that virtually guarantees you will not have to stop service to wait on plates.

There are a few things to keep in mind when selecting your commercial dishwasher as well. You’ll need some extra storage space for the chemical jugs that will be used. While most models come standard with a dishrack, some specialty racks may be needed for each type of dishware. Additionally dishes must be virtually free of all large food particles before washing, in most restaurants this is done at a pre-rinse station.

For a some office breakrooms the speed our commercial dishwasher offer may not be necessary. In that case we would recommended a residential unit. Residential models are easy to use and only require a small amount of chemicals per cycle. The built in racks will be able to hold an assortment of dishes from the start. Just make sure you account for the extra dry time required before putting the dishes away, this will stop the growth of bacteria on the wet surface.

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